Dee Snider + the Corpsegrinder team on Pit-Starter ‘Time to Choose’



Dee Snider has a new solo album on the way and he dropped a full starter to accompany the announcement of the new album, bringing in Cannibal Corpse’s George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher for the overwhelming new track “Time to Choose.”

You’ll want to grab something solid as “Time to Choose” unfolds at a feverish pace, practically begging listeners to step up for a long overdue moshpit experience.

Snider says: “Time To Choose” deals with a subject that I have often touched on during my writing career: good versus evil (see “Burn In Hell”). Considering the heaviness of this track, I felt like adding George The voice of “Corpsegrinder” Fisher on this subject would convey the seriousness of the choices we make. I was honored when he agreed to contribute with his incredibly powerful voice. You can check out the lyrics for the track in the quick lyric video provided towards the bottom of this article.

“Time to Choose” is the second song to arrive from Snider’s upcoming solo album produced by Jamey Jasta Leaves a scar, in the wake of the recent “I Gotta Rock (Again)”. The singer has now revealed details of the upcoming release, which bears a street date of July 30 through Napalm Records.

“At the end of 2020, I knew I not only had to get back to the studio, but for the first time since the ’90s, I wanted – no, I needed – to be part of the writing process,” Snider explains. . “I contacted my producer Jamey Jasta and told him I was ready to make another record. Leaves a scar is filled with addressed messages and for the silent voices of the world who need someone to speak on their behalf. It’s my aim.

Jasta adds: “Working with Dee again has been amazing! The power and reach of her voice on this album really shines. Not only is he an American treasure and a staple in the rock / metal community, but he is a truly original voice and talent like no other. Combine that with the metallic prowess of the Bellmore + brothers Russell Pzütto and Nick Petrino, you have a rock metal recipe that even the most “dee-hard” SMFs will surely love! “

Snider takes listeners on a powerful musical journey through the album’s 12 tracks. You can consult the Leaves a scar illustration and list of tracks below. Pre-orders are taken here.

Dee Snider (with George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher), “Time to Choose”

Dee Snider, Leaves a scar Illustration + list of tracks

1) I have to rock (again)
2) All or nothing more
3) Down but never out
4) before leaving
5) Open season
6) Silent battles
7) cry for your life
8) In for the kill
9) time to choose
10) SHE
11) The account
12) stand up

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