Credit Health increases its revenues by 47.4%

Atrys Health, a company dedicated to providing diagnostic services and medical treatments of excellence, has presented its results for the first half of 2016. The company has obtained a net profit of 0.3 million euros and a gross margin of 1.15 millions of euros. The company’s revenues in this period amount to 1.86 million euros, which represents an increase of 47.4% compared to 2015, in addition to tripling its EBITDA to 0.41 million euros.

In the words of the executive president of ATRYS, Santiago de Torres

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Thanks to the effort and commitment of the entire professional team of ATRYS, as well as the support and trust we receive from our clients, we met the objectives we had set ourselves and progressively improved, growing in all business areas. ”

The Diagnostic area by online image accounts for 45% of the company’s revenues. This first semester, the growth of organic income has been 20.6%, with special good behavior in the area of ​​teleradiology.

44% of total revenues correspond to the area of personalized oncological diagnosis , with an income growth of 46.8%. The momentum experienced in this area is mainly due to the contracting of services by the health systems of several autonomous communities, the expansion of the client portfolio, the incorporation of new services in the field of clinical trials of companies Pharmaceutical and pathological anatomy activities for large health groups.

In this regard

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Isabel Lozano, CEO of ATRYS, comments: “We are especially pleased to have brought to Valladolid, together with Grupo Recoletas, the most
advanced in radiation therapy, offering a great qualitative leap in this type of cancer treatment. We are proud to have successfully treated more than 250 patients in the first months of commissioning the service, and to be fulfilling all our clinical expectations. ”

The increase in revenue is also accompanied by a significant increase in the investment effort made by the company in R&D . ATRYS has increased the economic resources allocated to important research programs by 26%. Three new lines of research open in 2016 stand out:

After its exit in July to the Alternative Stock Market, and reinforced by the results of the first half of 2016, ATRYS maintains its commitment to continue promoting its activity in the diagnosis of excellence and to replicate, in other cities, the innovative dose Radiation Therapy treatment project Only.

About Atrys Health 

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ATRYS is an innovative company dedicated to providing diagnostic services and medical treatments of excellence, combining precision diagnostic techniques in pathological and molecular anatomy and diagnostic imaging online, through its own multi-specialty technology platform, with new radiation therapy treatments.

ATRYS carries out an integrated management of the oncological disease, from the individualized diagnosis (pathological, molecular, genetic and radiological anatomical), to the treatment of hypo-fractional or single-dose radiotherapy, through collaboration agreements with reference health centers.

The company also offers online diagnostic services for medical imaging in different specialties

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Through its own platform, such as radiology, cardiology, ophthalmology and dermatology. These services allow to delocalize the report of the specialist of the center where the test is performed.

ATTRYS also develops applied R&D projects that have generated several patent families, in collaboration with national and international reference centers, aimed at improving diagnostic systems and treatment modalities, which allows the Company to incorporate the latest advances scientists to their clinical practice.

The company, whose headquarters are located in Madrid, has two main laboratories, equipped with the most advanced equipment and technologies for diagnosis and research, located in Barcelona and in the Genyo Center of Granada.