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Record Store Day returns April 23 with a “powerful” slate of new titles, says Bill Haggerty.

Record Store Day supports and promotes independent record stores around the world,” said Haggerty, owner of high music, a record store in Cloverdale. “There are limited edition releases that will be exclusive on this day. The Record Store Day listing itself is pretty powerful.

RSD, as it’s called, attracts a large crowd looking for hard-to-get titles. Haggerty said it would be first come, first served at his store as he prepares for a long queue. Last year, his store’s queue started the day before.

“There may only be 1,000 pressings of a certain album in the world, so there are extremely limited copies available in stores that have them,” Haggerty explained. “So people are very excited about it.”

In Haggerty’s shop, he will also discount everything else in the store.

“We will also have a big sale that day. Record Store Day (albums) will be excluded from the sale, but everything else in the store will be 10% off, new and used.

This year marks Haggerty’s third Record Store Day after opening in 2020. Record Store Day itself is now in its 15th year.

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Haggerty noted that hundreds of new titles will be released on April 23 and that he is trying to get as many as he can. (See the full release list at

“There are some stock issues this year, so there may not be enough stock for everyone,” he explained. “I might only get 10 records out of an order of 20. So it’s extremely limited, that’s for sure.”

Haggerty said he will have many in-demand records available to customers from a slate of nearly 300 new titles.

“Alice in Chains has a really cool EP out,” Haggerty said. “It was an exclusive promo. It was never actually released other than this original promo in 1990.

“There is a Ramones set which I’m pretty excited about,” he added. “There’s a bunch of their mid to late ’80s catalog, which is pretty hard to find.”

He said he would also have a bunch of different rap and hip hop releases, with a Nicki Minaj double LP which is in high demand. And he will have a Childish Gambino Release available.

“There’s a lot of really cool stuff coming out.”

Haggerty said closer to RSD he will have a full list of titles that will be available on Elevated Music, along with quantity and pricing, on his website.

“That way people know what they’re dealing with. I know how crazy this can get.

Haggerty said he would present a first place medal to the person in the lead this year as a token of appreciation. And as another way of saying thank you to its customers, Haggerty will be handing out tickets to the first 15 people in line for a chance to win a limited-edition 45. Tickets for this draw can also be won through an Easter egg hunt.

“We’re going to have exclusive eggs hidden around Cloverdale,” he said. “They’ll have a bonus ticket in the bud for the draw to win the 45. It’s just something people can chase down, if they’re interested.”

Easter egg hunt clues will be handed out Easter weekend by Elevated Music’s PageInstagram.

Haggerty said he would hide six eggs in downtown Cloverdale. This will include somewhere around his shop on 57th Avenue, maybe a few places along 176th or in Hawthorne Square, and something at the skatepark on the fairgrounds.

“It gives people the opportunity, if they are not able to get near the front of the line, to enter the draw,” he explained. “It’s just another way for people to get a ticket to win exclusive vinyl.”

Elevated Music is located at 17684 57 Avenue in Cloverdale. To visit for more information, or visit their Instagram page @elevatedmusicshop.

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