Check out this new R&B release from hip hop music artist Jeffrey Oliver

We love to shout out brand new music distributed via RouteNote. Listen to “Not My Friends,” the new release by hip hop and R&B artist Jeffrey Oliver, released by Losertown.

Jeffrey Oliver is confident fans will be pleasantly surprised by his new sound heard in brand new single “Not My Friends” released today on Spotify and major Losertown platforms, and distributed by RouteNote.

“Not My Friends” features vocals that draw on his own experiences, set to an alternative R&B hip hop-like beat.

Oliver gained loyal fans by releasing emo-rap songs, including the hugely popular “No time,” which currently has 1 million streams on Spotify. The new song “Not My Friends” is the first time fans will hear Oliver’s new sound.

Swedish artist and producer, Oliver has over 32,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. “Not My Friends” marks a new direction for Oliver, moving away from emo-rap, but keeping the same heartfelt lyrical style as previous tracks.

Stream “Not My Friends” here! Watch out for the official clip, coming soon.

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