BUSINESS FOCUS: Harris Band Instruments ready to help local musicians in need



COVINGTON, GA – If you have any issues with a wooden or brass musical instrument, there’s a good chance Harris Band Instruments can fix them for you.

Craftsmen inside the walls of the West Newton County company have the skills and equipment to repair the instrument, find a missing or damaged part, and replace it if necessary.

Harris Band Instruments, located at 3830 Salem Road in Covington, is one of the largest private group musical instrument repair shops in Georgia, the owners said.

Its four employees – father and son owners Charles Harris Sr. and Charles Harris Jr. and Bill and Bobbi Joris – specialize in repairing brass and wood instruments.

“We are focusing on what we know best,” said Harris Sr.

They opened the store after seeing a high demand for local musicians looking for quality repair work on brass and wind instruments without having to travel to Atlanta or have the instrument shipped out of the house. ‘State.

The store now serves schools in five counties and music fans across the country.

Young Harris could be seen recently using a small open flame to repair and seal a new tampon on a saxophone.

His father, meanwhile, was working on fixing a flute while Bill Joris used a specialized machine to smooth out bumps in a trumpet.

Harris Sr. worked for years in the administration of the St. Petersburg Times newspaper in Florida before retiring and eventually opening the store with his son.

He is also a musician who has been active in the Newton County Community Band and recently worked as a music teacher at Peachtree Academy.

Harris Jr. remembers his father repairing instruments while growing up in the Tampa Bay area. He attended the University of South Florida during his stay. He worked for three years in a music store in Tampa to learn the trade. He then spent four years as a cast member at Disney World before moving to Covington.


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