Blue microphones The best microphones in the ProLine XLR series have been launched in Taiwan, and the sound quality of all three products is at studio level.



Blue Microphone, an American brand of professional microphones well known as Logitech, was founded in 1995 to destroy traditional acoustic technology to produce a range of high-end microphones with high sound quality and unique appearance. It won the World Music Instruments MIPA and TEC Awards. Several times used by music superstars like Coldplay, Maroon 5, Sting, Bruno Mars. In addition to USB microphones, Blue Microphones have created a classic line of professional grade and high quality XLR microphones for professionals, and they are loved by all walks of life as well. The high-end ProLine XLR professional series will soon be available in Taiwan.

With the rise of the feverish global live streaming culture, the demand for “sound presentation” from audiences, listeners or performers has entered a new arena, and the best studio-level microphones have become. popular among podcasters, live broadcasters. Personal or music producer. Loved by the family. Blue Microphones launched professional ProLine XLR series products in Taiwan, including Spark SL, Bluebird SL, Baby Bottle SL, three large diaphragm studio condenser microphones, all at 100Hz. high pass filter (high pass filterIWith -20dB signal attenuation (PAD) and cardioid radio mode, it can not only sensitively capture the human voice, reproduce the original sound and produce excellent detail, but also adjust the sound characteristics with more precision, which makes the applicability of the registration more complete. .

Mini concert online “Sound and Sound” blue

Enabling more users to find the microphone that best suits their voice and understand the features of the Blue Microphone ProLine XLR series. Blue Microphone Blue to host ‘Unusual Sounds’ online mini-concert X Blue ProLine XLR series products to release and invite King of the Jungle Music Director Mr. Ahu to oversee the production, who will lead the super-powered . Go online singing along and pairing the artist’s Blue ProLine XLR series products, bring the audience’s voice through the environment, understand the difference between Scorpion sound, and choose the microphone that’s right for you! The show will be held on October 15 at 8:00 p.m. blue micro Chinese page first online.

blue microphone proline xlr Features of the series

The Blue Microphone ProLine XLR series products each have sound quality processing characteristics. The Spark SL can deliver delicate and transparent sound quality, which is perfect for podcasting, live streaming of Twitch games and producing YouTube videos; Bluebird SL can offer modern crystal clear sound quality, suitable for all kinds of vocal performance and musical instrument, especially guitar and piano performance; Baby Bottle SL features warm timing and presence, which can be used for various types of vocals, musical instruments including guitar, jazz drums, brass, string instruments, piano. , etc. and environment, it is mainly furnished for commercial purposes.

The Blue Microphone Spark SL can bring professional studio-level sound to the building via professional XLR connections and multi-function switches. Large diaphragm cardioid condenser receiver head and JFET electronic equipment can provide excellent detail and full harmonic sound with excellent sound processing capabilities, clear with excellent sound detail and recording detail rich as its characteristics, handmade special a cardioid Indicates a large diaphragm, which brings a super delicate and focused sound. -20dB. use signal attenuation (TaktiIEnable 100Hz, can make the sound crisp and clear, even if the desktop makes low frequency sound or noise high pass filter (high pass filterIYou can start recording without any interruption. The unique JFET design ensures that the receiver head back plate is loaded evenly and delivers consistent, detailed and transparent sound at all times. The Spark SL features a finely designed Class A circuit that can maintain a pure signal, reproduce the original sound, and produce studio-quality sound that amazes audiences; It is suitable for podcasters, Twitch game live streaming, and YouTube video production.

Blue microphones The best microphones in the ProLine XLR series have been launched in Taiwan, and the sound quality of all three products is at studio level.

The Spark SL can bring delicate and transparent studio-level sound to personalized sound creation.

Blue microphone The Bluebird SL is an improvement over the original Bluebird microphone. It not only offers original sound reproduction, very versatile sound, extended treble clarity, smooth mids, suitable for all characteristics of vocal or musical instruments, so that every detail of the performance comes to life. Bluebird SL at 100 Hz. Is high pass filter (high pass filterIand -20dB signal attenuation (TaktiI, it can capture colorful vocal performance and transmit real guitar and piano sounds with clear midrange and deep bass.

The Bluebird SL delivers enhanced treble clarity and a smooth midrange, perfect for any vocal or instrumental feature, bringing every detail of the performance to life.

Every component of the Bluebird SL is specially designed to deliver clear, modern sound. The patented hand-made cardioid pointing sound head uses a thin diaphragm made of gold-plated polyester film, which can produce excellent resonance at high frequencies, useful for vocal mixing. The meticulously designed rear panel ensures balanced sound across the entire frequency spectrum. Thin Level A circuit greatly improves sound accuracy. Suitable for all kinds of vocal performances and musical instruments, especially guitar and piano. The Bluebird SL is a unique microphone suitable for a variety of performances, with a built-in switchable 100 Hz high pass filter (high pass filter)with -20dB signal attenuation (TaktiICan flexibly follow the nuances and power of different sound sources, capture the singer’s unique vocal characteristics, and capture amazing detail!

Blue Microphone Baby Bottle SL can deliver classic sound and incredible versatility. This is a cardioid condenser microphone, with features such as full midrange, smooth highs, and naturally warm bass, reminiscent of the world’s best vintage microphones. with 100 Hz high pass filter (high pass filter)with -20dB signal attenuation (TaktiIThe Baby Bottle SL can add a full and classic atmosphere to any sound source. Based on the successful foundation of the original bottle, the SL model adds more sophisticated detail handling, a new streamlined structure and multitasking options to capture the true characteristics of sound and achieve unforgettable performance.

Blue microphones The best microphones in the ProLine XLR series have been launched in Taiwan, and the sound quality of all three products is at studio level.

The stunning features of the Baby Bottle SL come from Blue’s exclusive sound receiving head. The strong gold-plated polyester film diaphragm is designed with a brass backplate machine-treated to create its own unique “warmth”. It is also the original name of Baby Bottle SL. The classic Class A thin circuit makes it the quietest microphone in its class. The Biberon SL is equipped with a new 100Hz switchable high pass filter (high pass filter)with -20dB signal attenuation (TaktiIRegardless of the type of sound, instrument or environment, it can maintain a pure sound. Whether recording real singers, excellent guitar amplifiers, drums and brass, or recording elaborate vocals, strings or piano, it can produce a perfect masterpiece. .

The spirit and the luminous characteristics of the SL bottle are unique

Baby Bottle SL is suitable for use with various musical instruments to keep the pure sound and full audio of the instrument.


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