Best gifts for music lovers and audiophiles 2021: best audio products



We have nothing against the headphones you received for free on your last JetBlue flight. But the truth is that once you start listening to music with any high quality device, it will be nearly impossible for you to go back, even if that means giving up on the hot girl sartorial trend of the moment ( i.e. wired headphones).

If you already have broken the seal and stepped into the territory of the full-fledged audio evangelist, you’re probably more than aware of the thrill. A whole new world of hearing experiences opens up before you! Think: soundbars, speakers, wireless headsets, and elevated streaming platforms, all of which do wonders for raising the bar on your Radiohead-forward playlist.

Having said that, when it comes to to offer for the audiophile in your life, things can get a little tricky. In such a saturated and often overpriced market, how do you know what is really worth the cost? If you are not you are looking to distribute all of your disposable income, what is affordable and gifted audio products exist?

To get some helpful answers, we tapped into music world impresario Xavier “X” Jernigan—Get up podcast host and head of cultural partnerships at Spotify — to weigh in on the best audio-centric giveaways on the market right now.

“Here’s the problem: To really listen to the sound you love, you need to have the right sound system,” says Jernigan. “How you listen is just as important as what you listen to. So I’m excited to share some of my favorite products to bring this listening experience into your home. “


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