Axwell & Ingrosso to do b2b for the first time in 4 years

Sebastian Ingrosso to join Axwell for the B2B set of the MDLBEAST Soundstorm Festival

All ready to take center stage for the first time since 2018, Axwell Ingrosso have just been included in the programming of this weekend ‘ MDLBEAST Sound storm Festival in Saudi Arabia. With the return of Swedish house mafia, as well as the impact of the global pandemic, the duo have been at a standstill when it comes to live performances with this latest announcement coming as a pleasant surprise as Sebastian Ingrosso’s presence was confirmed at the very last minute.

Marking the very first live performance by a member of the Swedish House Mafia since the start of the pandemic, this latest news is worthy of a new frenzy among their millions of fans. Further indicating the importance of this upcoming show, fans will finally have the opportunity to witness the progressive house masterpiece from an ensemble that Axwell Ingrosso has once again made a habit of over the years. Resonating with every member of our community, we cannot help but show our enthusiasm, and although the Axwell Ingrosso project and the brand may have retired following the trio reunion, this latest result would not have could happen at most. perfect sometimes.

By further expanding the already impressive range, MDLBEAST has grown into one of the fastest growing brands in the Middle East, and with no signs of slowing down we are more than certain that the next Soundstorm Festival will be one of the history books. . The addition of Ingrosso alongside Axwell previously announced can be considered the icing on the cake, with fans eagerly anticipating this weekend’s set. From December 16 to 19, you can be sure that some of the biggest names in the dance industry will deliver the most unforgettable experience while sharing love through music. For more information about the festival and not only, check their official website here.

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