Avihay Dei Busts 3 Music Industry Myths

Every soul interested in music, even remotely, has often dreamed of performing in crowded auditoriums, having millions of fans, and creating a life based on success in the niche they love with all their heart.

Avihay is credited with launching a successful music career and spearheading several notable projects in collaboration with notable producers and musicians around the world. Avihay Dei is well aware that the music industry has its share of misconceptions too. Here, Avihay helps us disassemble some of them.

A career in music on talent alone

“There is no career without talent. This I can testify to. But to say that a musician’s career can take off solely on the basis of talent is a little too naïve,” says Avihay Dei, explaining why talent can never go the distance with proper backup from other channels. As a successful recording artist, Avihay Dei knows how effective content and different marketing verticals can be in driving the career of an aspiring musician.

The music industry does not welcome foreigners

While this may have been true in some music marketing circles in the past, today anyone with the talent and following the right entrepreneurial and marketing strategies can enter the music industry and grow it. “Ask Justin Bieber! Now a music millionaire, Bieber never had the big musical connections he can brag about when he launched his dreams on YouTube. But he worked hard to market his music and himself, and soon enough he became an integral part of the music scene,” Avihay points out. Especially with the influence of social media, where even Instagrammers and YouTubers are becoming influential stars in the mainstream, the music industry has opened its doors to outsiders more than ever before.

A music career isn’t so great anymore

“Ask any newcomer to the industry who’s even had enough success, and the artist will attest to how awesome the music industry is,” says Avihay Dei. “You don’t even have to worry about the competition. If you have the talent and the entrepreneurial spirit to back it up, there’s plenty of room in the industry. With millions of music lovers hooking up to songs from new artists in the industry exploring new frontiers such as online ratings and NFTs, the music industry is just exploring several new paths to more awesomeness. .

As a pioneer continuing to take the industry by storm, Avihay Dei knows how important it is to dismantle misconceptions and break down long-standing barriers to changing the way people think and evolve. With these insights into some of the most popular misconceptions in the music industry, Avihay Dei has lit the way for budding music aficionados.

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