At the corner store – Bill Wurtz

After a very consistent release schedule, Bill Wurtz once again steps into the musical stratosphere to bless us listeners with another gem, “At The Corner Store”.

There’s something very special about the way Bill writes his music, where you feel like every beat (and every rhythm in between) is meticulously planted and calculated to have the perfect amount of sound. This method of writing makes the beat so incredibly tight, both feeling very busy in the groove while still allowing the song itself room to breathe, despite the crowded circumstances. Bill’s soft voice serves the calmer but hyper “At The Corner Store” bears. The vocal harmonies are very layered in this track, following the melody almost throughout, supporting the already complex jazz harmony expressed by the various synths, keys and organ. The drums are really a highlight of this track, playing with half-time twists to really give the beat a push-and-pull feel. Where the drums aren’t explicit about the groove, other instruments such as the bass give it everything the drums lack, helping with the ultra-accurate feel of the rhythm section. There’s a range of fun synths used throughout, helping to give the song a retro feel, despite the songwriting being overwhelmingly modern in ideas and execution. There’s something particularly Jacob-Collier about this piece, which isn’t surprising since both musicians are among the most talented in modern music. “At The Corner Store” follows an almost non-linear approach, sounding more like a story than a traditionally structured song, though it’s still just as catchy as the latter.

“At The Corner Store” is another example of Bill Wurtz’s genius, in all its absurd glory. The lyrics are hilarious, encompassing the socially awkward vibes that even emanate from the instrumentation. Like a song, in all of its sporadic sections, one must still study and cherish. Bill Wurtz knows what he’s doing, it’s true.

Author: Nicolas Gaudet

Music producer and writer from Dieppe, Canada.

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