Asexuality! The Solo Musical – NoHo Arts District

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – “Top of the Fringe” winner and transgender artist Rebecca McGlynn uses original music and comedy to explore asexuality in a hypersexual world in this new solo show, “Asexuality! The Solo Musical” at the Hollywood Fringe Festival .

Rebecca McGlynn not only spent much of her youth as a woman trapped in a male body, but she also tried to figure out exactly where she was on the spectrum of sexuality. She was not “straight, gay or bi”, she was not sexually active, she was not understood by her peers who were at the peak of their sexuality, and as such she felt a deep sense of loneliness. . This changed when she became involved in acting, specifically in the solo theater community.

“I knew I had to do a show about my experience of gender identity,” McGlynn said. “Especially since asexuality is something a lot of people don’t even know exists.”

As such, “Asexuality! The Solo Musical makes its world premiere in June on studio/stage as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Written and performed by acclaimed transgender artist McGlynn (co-writer and producer of “Top of the Fringe” winner “My Big Fat Blonde Musical”), “Asexuality! The Solo Musical” is a new autobiographical musical about life of Rebecca before transitioning. The story follows Robert, an asexual man navigating a hypersexual world. Through music and comedy, he explores sex, romance, gender roles, toxic masculinity and heartbreak…and , ultimately, her true gender identity.

“The show explores sexuality and gender identity, and really explores how toxic masculinity hurts those of us who are born male,” McGlynn said. “It also touches on romanticized love, depression, consent, healing, and the importance of portraying queer people in popular culture.”

While the show definitely touches on heavier themes, McGlynn relies on her musical training and comedic chops to put on a truly unique one-man show. She interacts with herself via multimedia projections, sings duets (of poignant and humorous songs) with herself, and has in-depth conversations… with her (and Robert’s) genitals.

A true multi-hyphenate, McGlynn is a queer transgender writer-actor-songwriter-director-editor (in no particular order) working in film and television production in Los Angeles. She co-wrote the 2016 ‘Top of the Fringe’ winner’s book, music and lyrics.My Fat Blonde Musical.” She’s also a classically trained singer, Emmy-nominated photojournalist, and (in some circles) a “sound goddess.” Managing McGlynn is Heather Dowling, Fringe veteran and Soaring Solo instructor (“Unemployment finally”, “Fertile”)

A reading of the show debuted last December as part of Soaring Solo’s “Revealed” virtual reading series. McGlynn also performs a 10-minute excerpt on April 30 as part of the Joshua Tree Solo Festival. She’s excited to bring the full show to the Fringe community and hopes this will be the first of many festivals for the show. She is delighted to see how customers react.

“I hope audiences leave my show with a fresh perspective, especially if they are unfamiliar with asexuality and/or transgender issues,” she said. “I hope to offer a sense of forgiveness, both for oneself and for others. And I hope at least a few people leave humming one of these fun tunes! »

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