Apply for an immediate loan!

how to get a loan

To apply for a loan online, you need the following:

  • commputer/PC, laptop or smartphone with internet access
  • web broser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) to apply for a loan
  • E-mail address for account verification and contacts
  • bank account for the payment of your desired credit
  • bank statements (via interface or as photo, scan or PDF)


Apply for credit with these conditions:

The loan application online has some advantages over a traditional branch or bank loan. It does not matter if it’s day or night, Sunday or weekday, or if you’re on vacation in Maldives. As long as you have working internet access, you can apply for a loan at any time – in just few minutes. Our loan offers attractive conditions, favorable terms and flexibility in the repayment.

Financial Freedom in 3 Steps – apply for credit easily

Loan application online is simpleand convenient. There are 3 clever solutions that allow you to apply for your home loan:

1.Anonymous and free condition requests

Through an anonymous condition request, in which they query relevant criteria from you, which they need for a loan application. This anonymous request for a condition offers you a big advantage: you can see immediately whether you can apply for a loan and receive directly your individual interest, which they offer you on the basis of your information. Only if you like the interest rate offer, register and continue with the credit application.

2.Use digital bank statements

This the basic for loan application: any bank asks you to supplu a number of documents… salary statements, more bank statements, pension notice. No more of these if you get an online loan since they use digital bank statements to stop the bureaucracy when applying for a loan. You simply use your online banking data and send us you bank statements digitally. The system automatically analyzes your information. Of course, privacy procesures are taken seriously: all informattion is kept strictly confidential according to current Privacy Policy used. If you do not use online banking, you are free to upload your documents manually when applying for the loan.

3.With video identification and digital signature for immediate conclusion

Digital solution is offered to legitimize yourself online: the so-called e-sign. Digital Signature is the last step to apply for a loan online, no matter where you are or whether it’s factory or Sunday. With the electronic signature you conclude the loan application and sign the loan agreement legally valid. After signing and final exam, your loan will be paid immediately.