Apple has won a design patent for its new in-store iPhone display unit with MagSafe and filed trademarks related to business and music

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Last summer, Apple showed off a new iPhone display unit with a MagSafe booth at the Apple Park Visitor Center in Cupertino, as featured in our cover graphic. The concept was to be tested before Apple Stores in the United States and beyond adopted the new retail store display units. Although my local store has not used these new brackets yet, maybe your local store does. Yesterday, the Hong Kong Patent Office granted Apple a design patent for the new iPhone stand. Additionally, our report covers two new trademark filings related to business and music.

Unlike “patent applications” which provide the public with a summary, summary and details of an invention, design patents published worldwide are limited to providing the public only with design patent numbers. No additional design specifics are available.

Design patent granted for iPhone display stand with MagSafe

The Hong Kong Patent Office granted Apple design patent number 2119034.7 yesterday, Friday, February 25, 2022. The part of the registration form (granted design patent) shown below shows basic information only.

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Apple filed its design patent under Locarno standings 20-02 which covers “display and sales equipment”.

Below are three groups of design patent figures of the new stand with MagSafe. As you will notice below, the design patent illustrates individual stands versus using an iPhone grouping “lift” stands, as featured in our cover graphic.

3 Next Generation Apple Store iPhone Stand with MagSafe
3 Next Generation Apple Store iPhone Stand with MagSafe
3 Next Generation Apple Store iPhone Stand with MagSafe

Trademark: “Apple Messages for Business”

In other Apple intellectual property (IP) news, Apple filed two new trademarks earlier this month. The first trademark was registered in the United States for “Apple Messages for Business” under number 97274998, as shown in part below.

6 x Apple Trademark Filing in-part for - Apple Messages for Business

Apple has registered this trademark under the international classes 038 and 042 as presented below:

Class 038: “Communication services, namely transmission of text, data, images via wireless communication networks and the Internet; wireless electronic and digital messaging services.”

Class 042: “Application service provider offering application programming interface (API) software for the transmission of text, data and images over wireless communication networks and the Internet; application service provider offering software for application programming interface (API) for electronic messaging and wireless digital messaging services; data encryption services; computer services, namely providing information in the field of software development and design.”

apple specimen

The US Patent Office defines a “Specimen” mark as an example of how a company actually uses its mark in the marketplace with the goods or services in its application. This is what the public sees when they consider purchasing goods or subscribing to services provided by Apple in connection with its brand.

Apple’s trademark specimen for “Apple Messages for Business” is extraordinarily detailed. Below is a Scribd document of the complete specimen provided by Apple to the USPTO.

Apple Specimen for Trademark – Apple Messages for Business by Jack Buyer on Scribd

Trademark registration: “Country Risers Radio”

7 Apple TM filing for 'Country Risers Radio'

Finally, Apple registered the “Country Risers Radio” trademark in Europe. Apple registered its trademark in London under number 018657434. Apple registered its trademark under international class 041 as shown below:

Class 041: “Entertainment services, namely the provision of an ongoing radio program in the field of music; production and distribution of radio programs and sound recordings in the field of music; provision of information relating to music; entertainment, namely, curating songs for music playlists;entertainment services, namely, compiling and publishing music playlists;providing personalized non-downloadable music playlists via the internet and other communication networks; selecting non-downloadable musical recordings to create musical playlists for others and publishing such musical playlists; providing an entertainment website portal in connection with links to musical sound recordings; providing online entertainment live, namely musical performances.”

11. Brands and models bar

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