Anglesey’s “Willy Wonka” to use the store as a “donation station” for the instruments charity



ANGLESEY’s “Willy Wonka” supports an appeal for unwanted musical instrument donations to support the Electric Umbrella charity.

Richard Holt, 29, is the owner of Melin Llynon, on the outskirts of Llanddeusant, and has kindly offered to act as a “donation station” for the charity, calling on people to drop off their musical instruments. desired.

Richard, who ran a teahouse in Melin Llynon, started a new business a year ago during the COVID-19 pandemic and invested in a chocolate-making machine to keep his business going.

Five teahouse staff were retrained to protect their jobs and he now runs a chocolate and donut shop that employs ten people.

He has created many different flavors of chocolate, he even recently launched an “explosive” chocolate bar. They also include five award-winning copper notes in each 1,000 bar bundle.

Electric Umbrella, based in Hertfordshire, which uses the power of live music to improve the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, aims to collect 1,000 unwanted musical instruments by Christmas.

All donated instruments will be repaired, reused or adapted by the association so that they can be used by members to create unique opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities, or they will be sold to raise funds for the association.

The association made some truly amazing instruments, such as drum kits that attach to wheelchairs, banana pianos, and a drill guitar that was invented so that a band member could use their foot to play. the instrument.

Richard, an avid musician and electric guitarist himself, said: “Playing an instrument has been invaluable to me as it is the only way to completely relax from my demanding job.

“The gift of playing an instrument will always be helpful and I think it’s important that everyone has this opportunity.

“Electric Umbrella is one of the most unique concepts I have ever heard of. I saw the way they polish the instruments to help people with disabilities play them and it’s totally inspiring.

“I love what Electric Umbrella does and am thrilled to be a part of it.”

Electric Umbrella was created five years ago by Mel Boda and Tom Billington to provide a platform for people with disabilities to learn to enjoy live music and in doing so challenge perceptions of people with disabilities by learning matter.

They organize concerts, operas, musicals and even festivals.

Creative Director and Co-Founder Mel Boda said, “We have seen an incredible response to our 1,000 Instrument Challenge, with over 250 instruments received so far.

“What’s been especially wonderful is engaging members, like our roadie Billy, who helps collect instruments from donation stations.

“I recently visited Melin Llynon with Tracy, a local member; there is a lot of magic and creativity out there that aligns with the Electric Umbrella approach!

“We are delighted that they have become a donation station for the locals, and we urge you to dig up your unwanted instruments and come with you.”

Tracy Austin, 43, from Menai Bridge in Anglesey, joined Electric Umbrella in February this year after friends told her about the association.

Tracy, who suffers from a condition called syndactyly and has a hearing loss, is a member of the Big Yellow Choir and loves participating in Cyber ​​sessions, open mics, vocals and breakfasts.

She even co-hosted Electric Umbrella TV sessions and appeared in a video with North Irish singer Sinéad Quinn.

Tracy said, “I have made so many new friends since joining Electric Umbrella; it’s awesome and so much fun.

“I really love singing and it gives me the chance to do it with a lot of people.

“I have a harmonica which is really fun; I think it would be great if each member could have an instrument to play.

If you don’t live near a donation station, bringing your instrument to Electric Umbrella is easy.

Just register it with them (to allow them to claim gift aid on all sales) and you will get details on how to send it for free through your nearest post office.

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