“A mother in shock after the confession of the theft of her son”, says a police officer

Aliyu Giwa, a police officer, has revealed an unusual story of a mother’s horror after her son, a choir member, admitted to being a member of a robbery gang and even buried the ammunition in the ‘church.

Aliyu said in a Facebook post that the suspect’s sister took to social media to accuse police of wrongfully arresting her brother and accusing him of armed robbery.

His mother also accused the police of making a mistake in arresting her son, saying he could never be an armed robber.

He claimed that after the suspect confessed to the crime, everyone was stunned.

Her post reads: “To be honest, I’ve learned never to judge a book by its cover.

“The first impression counts, they say! True or false? Sometimes this postulation does not work. My opinion though.

“Well, only God knows the heart of a man!

A few years ago, on one of my Instagram posts. Someone commented, “your stupid, useless co-workers are starting over; oh, please check your DM.

After checking my DM, I reached out to the person and asked, “What happened ma’am?”, she explained that her brother was arrested for no reason.

I was amazed at his response ‘For no reason?’

“The police wouldn’t just come to your house to arrest you for no reason,” I said.

She then replied, “When we went to the police station yesterday, they informed us that it was an armed robbery. And I swear to the God who made me, my brother knows nothing about this so-called case of armed robbery.

“My brother is still at church. He is in the church choir and the church drummer. He is also in charge of the store where they keep the church’s musical instruments.

“Long story short, I begged her to meet me the next day at the department where her brother was arrested, which she graciously agreed to.

“By the next day the story had gone viral on social media. I received a series of insults and DMs. A funny part of the story was that when she posted the story, she didn’t didn’t put the part that it was a “case of armed robbery”.

“The story had a different coloring to what she told me, but as a policeman who is presumed to be everyone’s friend, I just stayed silent anxiously waiting for the next day.

“At some point, the next day became too far for me as the tags, insults & DMs became unbearable.

“Around 8:35 p.m. the next day, my phone rang.

I answered and said, “Hello, please, who is this?” The caller replied, “I am Mama A, the mother of the boy who was illegally arrested. We are already there

“So I said ‘Oh ma’am, hello ma’am, I’ll meet you up there’

“Mama A: Ok, my son (in a tearful voice).

In my mind, I was like ‘God have mercy.’ I arrived and met them with the IPO (investigating police officer).

“IPO: Oga, good morning sir

“Me: Hello! What happened? What is it about ?

“IPO: Oga, it’s a robbery case and 3 people have been shot dead.

“Me: Alright! So what’s this guy’s connection to the ground case?

“IPO: He is one of them, sir.

“Mom A: shouted “Blood of Jesus” my son is not brought up like that! God forbid oh! My son cannot be, would not, and never will be an armed robber.

“It’s a shining star!” The devil will never get me and my family,” she added, crying profusely.

I told her “Please, mum, calm down, we’ll get to the bottom of the matter”

Meanwhile, the pastor of the church he works for was also there.

So I said to the pastor, “Dad, please help us talk to mom to calm her down.”

“Pastor: My son, I must say that I am not happy with your men!

I told everyone (IPO, Mama A, Pastor, etc.), “let’s meet with the officer in charge (OC) of the department”.

At the CO’s office, the following conversations ensued;

“Me: Hello sir! (Hit my leg and salute).

“OC: Giwa! How are you?

“Me: I’m fine, sir.

OC smiled and said “you came for this business, right?”

Me: Yes sir.

“OC: IPO, please bring the boy.

When the boy came in I saw the guy and started to doubt that he really did the crime because of his appearance.

“He looked really cool and calm. He looked really responsible and cool.

In my head, I thought this guy must be innocent.

I thought to myself, ‘what am I going to do?’ Also, my phone hasn’t stopped beeping since the night before.

Immediately, the OC said, “Giwa, I saw what the sister wrote on the Internet.

“I wanted to read the story so everyone could hear what she wrote.

A DM just appeared out of nowhere saying; “You bastard, you and your fellow cops will die young, your families will die too”

At this point, I was scared.

I read what she posted to everyone’s audience in the room, and the pastor called her name and said, “I told you not to say anything until we’re done.” went out.

The IPO said, “Oga, please, I want to talk!”

“OC: Carry on.

“IPO: He confessed!

“OC: What is it?

“IPO: He confessed that he just helps them keep their arms up.

“Mom A: “Oh Jesus!” The devil is a liar!

“Pastor: said silently “Jesus Christ” with his eyes closed.

“IPO: He promised to take us to the place where he hides the weapon and ammunition.

“OC: Where are you hiding them?

“Boy: Inside the church (instrument store).

“The pastor couldn’t help himself,” he shouted.

In the middle of the confession, his sister was already making another thread on twitter insulting me, the OC and the IPO!

I decided to check my phone during this awkward moment and was surprised to see my mentions.

Her sister got up and left the CO office before I noticed what she had posted.

“Oc: IPO, take the boy and get the weapons and ammunition.

“IPO: Alright sir.

“When they arrived at the church (musical instrument store), they found a bag with an Ak 47, two locally made rifles and ammunition.

“Afterwards, the boy confessed that he had followed them for operations “only 2 times”.

“He said the second attempt was the day they killed three people.

“Oc: How long have you been helping them hide weapons and ammunition?

“Boy: About two years now.

Mom didn’t know he had a car!

“He and his friends told the friend’s dad he was an ‘internet fraudster,’ but they weren’t reprimanded.

“Subsequently, the sister and her friend either deleted their social media IDs or changed their names after this event.

“Please keep in mind that not all SM threads are what they are made out to be. Before you take sides, you need to hear from both sides.

“Let’s use social media to influence each other positively and tell good stories about our society.

“We must not use it to give false information and condemn what our society has built.

“Don’t use it to bully people and stereotype them.

“Finally the guy and his gang have been brought to justice,” the post concluded.

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