4 Season Garden Supply and Blooming Hydroponics in West Casper

With the changing of the guard from Wyoming’s dry thunderstorms to summer’s high 80s and 90s, new garden gurus have come to town. A joint venture between a man with a green thumb and a veteran has spawned 4 Seasons Garden Supply and Hydroponics in Casper.

“Budd was a client of mine from a previous business,” said Neil, co-owner of 4 Seasons Garden Supply. “I had helped him with several of his home greenhouses and Budd was looking for something to do to help local veterans and the community.”

Neil and Budd launched 4 Seasons Garden Supply and Hydroponics together in January 2022.

“He makes it all so simple,” Budd commented of his partner.

“We got acquainted when I was relatively green and just getting started with hydroponics. I visited his store almost daily, showed him my greenhouses, and he told me I could do so much more with it. what I had. We worked together to fully automate the greenhouse and create a recirculating hydroponics system in no time.”

Months later, the two reflected and came together as partners for the expansion of their new store.

The appeal of the business, according to Neil, is that “we have high quality soils, high quality nutrients and everything for the novice gardener to the commercial grower”.

With 25 years of experience in between, they provide customers with a wealth of knowledge about growing in Wyoming’s harsh, dry soils.


Budd shared, “I want people to know – whether they’ve been gardening forever or are new to it – I want them to know that if I can do it, you can do it. With Neil’s help he helped me understand the right nutrients needed for accelerated growth and high quality produce.

Budd continued, “As far as we know, we are the only hydroponics store in Wyoming with this service and product capability. Much of what we have you can only find on the internet.

Both men insist they are experts in hydroponics, but what is hydroponics?

“To me, at a basic level,” Neil said, “hydroponics is able to grow anything in a medium without soil. There are many forms of hydropower, depending on what you want to grow. just depends on your needs and what you are trying to accomplish.

“Hydropower is very versatile depending on what you want to grow. Imagination is your limit,” Budd said.

He added: “It’s the ability to grow high quality plants two to three times faster without soil.”

They discussed the number of people using different hydroponics methods. Some include deep water culture, aeroponics, nutrient film technique, and aquaponics.

In addition to helping customers across the state grow healthy plants, the pair also aim to educate and teach people about hydroponics, aquaponics, microgreens and how to grow their own food. .

“Microgreens are the fastest growing plants that give you five to 10 times more nutrition than the fully mature plant,” Budd said.

Another instrument that allows 4 Seasons Garden Supply to remain rooted in the community is its outreach to veterans.

Budd, a veteran, expressed his feelings: “Because I was a combat veteran, I worked and will continue to work with veterans. As this place grows, we aim to hire veterans, nurture them, and give them a purpose away from war.

Neil explained: “When Budd and I got together, he mentioned how many veterans come home from touring not knowing how to cope with everyday life. For many of them, gardening has become a form of liberation; that’s what we pass on to 4 Seasons.

With that comes a bold message, “Veteran Strong,” and a lot of that comes from Budd and Neil’s experiences together.

“It sounds so simple: we just want people to feed themselves, become more independent, and grow their own produce,” Budd concluded.

To learn more about 4 Seasons Garden Supply and Hydroponics, stop by and see the guys at 5104-A CY Ave. or call 307-315-1204.

You can also find them at www.4seasonshydro.com or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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